I believe that meaningful access to users and evidence-based design are critical for business and product success. I enjoy solving complex design challenges and seeing people’s lives improve as a result of the changes to their work or environment.


I lead by supporting my design team in doing their best work, always pushing for research, creativity and experimentation.

I up-skill team members to strategic business thinking and make sure that designs have been well thought through so that designers can defend their work with confidence.

I build relationships around the organisation and create excitement over UX in order to promote a user-focused way of working.


I hold a Master’s degree in Interaction Design and Communication from Goldsmiths University in London. I studied Behavioural Psychology at Birkbeck as well as architecture and art history.

I work with prototyping and visual design software, HTML/CSS coding, video editing, post-production, 3D Studio modelling and animation. Past experience in laser-show design, interactive art installations, club VJing and mentoring young people.

Later in the day

I am an active member of the London UX and Service Design communities and co-founder of UX Community, a Meetup group with over 1,100 registered members, where I hold talks and facilitate discussions.